It’s no secret that personal development unlocks potential and possibility for all people--but for entrepreneurs it’s a critical element of success.

We find there are two types of entrepreneurs who “get it” when it comes to prioritizing mindset work and internal growth:

1. The entrepreneur who got lucky with the right business, at the right time, with the right strategy, has made a lot of money and is now finally realizing that their inner world needs to catch up with their outer world so they can actually enjoy the success they’ve created.


2. The entrepreneur who understands from the very start that to create an empire, build a legacy, and find true fulfillment in their biggest goals, they first need to prioritize personal development and do “the work” necessary to evolve and grow as a person.

The truth is, no matter which of these “types” you fall into, the ceiling is only limited by your mind---

and we’re here to make sure there’s no cap. ;) 

What’s really going on behind the sexy website and perfected Instagram account is that you’re...

Going through your days blind, without slowing down, grounding into a fresh perspective, or setting yourself up to be productive and efficient. 

Waking up and immediately checking your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, texts, and Slack to see what fires you need to put out. 

Focusing on the next funnel, the next launch, or the next FB ad, vs. focusing on your leadership, personal evolution, and long-term growth.

It’s hard to admit but...

Each day in reactionary mode leads to another layer of stress. 

You might have dabbled in meditation or even made mindfulness a regular thing,

Read all the money books and even attended a seminar or two,

Journaled positive affirmations or written down your 90-day goals.

Or maybe all this “mindset stuff” is totally new for you.

Whatever your experience up to this point, we know you’re here now because...

You want to wake up and SHOW UP to the day with a clear mind, warrior confidence, unwavering belief in yourself, gangsta grit, and a full cup of “I’ve got this!”.

You want more days where you…  

Feel PROUD and accomplished with your work instead of “behind” or “failing”.

Polish off your entire to-do list, instead of delaying tasks until tomorrow (and the day after), yet again.

Have energy at the end to be with family and friends vs. wanting to numb out with Netflix and two glasses of Cabernet.

You want to give of your abundance, not of your sustenance.

You want more days where you feel 100% good-to-go, all day long.

And, right now, it might seem like you only feel that amazing about once a year.

But what about the other 364 days?

That’s where we come in.

365 Days of Mindset Upgrades with Libby Crow & Scott Oldford

How SHIFT 365 Works

As soon as you enroll in Shift 365, you’ll be signed up for an entire year (yes, 365 days!) of daily mindset mini-trainings (we like to call ‘em upgrades) delivered to you via email.

You’ll take a small chunk of time (we know you’re busy, so we keep things concise) each day to:

Each Daily SHIFT exercise builds on the ones before, so at the end of one year (or really even after a couple of months) you’ve made massive progress on your mindset. 

The kind of progress that leads to…

A new morning practice (that you actually stick to), prioritizing time for yourself above all your to-dos, and deepening in your self-awareness as a leader.

Showing up more powerfully in your marketing, sales conversations, and even the way you talk about your business - so you really OWN your message and magnetize your audience.

Learning to trust yourself to make wise investments in team, mentorship, and opportunities that will grow your business in the long-run and increase your cash flow as you reach the next level.

Feeling more excitement, instead of stress when you see your financial statements - because the clients and revenue are increasing month over month.

Rewiring limiting money stories to evolve out of scarcity mentality and into the practice of truly receiving and living in abundance.

Feeling more ease in your schedule so you can focus on the tasks that will move your business forward without living on the brink of burnout. 

BEing more present in your relationships, experiencing more satisfaction throughout your days, and actually having the time and income to enjoy your life.

Your SHIFT 365 Mentorship Program is delivered to you in 6 Key Phases that align intentionally with the Six Pillars of Business.

You’ll learn how to make internal changes to your patterns and beliefs around each of these essential elements so you can fully enjoy the external rewards of your work

(like sippin’ champagne in first-class, spending real time raising family, living part-time in Paris, or whatever you’ve got on your vision board or bucket list)

“Why isn’t my bank account reflecting my growth and the work I’ve been doing?” 

“Seriously, I’ve been doing this for so long now… I feel exhausted… is it even worth it?”

“Should I fire my team and go back to a simple business model?” 

“Is this a smart investment or another waste of money?”

“This is so f*%$ing hard!”

“If I’m really myself, will people actually look up to me and want to work with me?”

“Is everyone really lying about their success online?”’re not the only one. ;)


SHIFT 365 is a year long mindset program specifically for entrepreneurs who want to experience the power of daily, bite-sized personal development exercises  that create waves of internal shifts…

So they can elevate their income by stepping up their inner game.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our 3 decades of combined experience mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs at the 6, 7, and 8-figure revenue levels…  

… and created a 365 Day Evolutionary Mentorship Program where you receive daily mindset upgrades, personal development processes, and deep dive training to build your million dollar mindset, while also growing your million dollar (and beyond) business.

You receive the real strategies that have not only helped us personally navigate the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey, but have helped all of our clients, too.

This year long mentorship program gets you 1% better on the daily so your potential for growth (in business, wealth, and personal fulfillment) is exponential over the course of the year and beyond.



We’re starting with the foundation - laying the energetic and spiritual layer of your success mindset - so you’re set up to be aligned and activated in every aspect of your business. 

You’ll learn to:

Define Your Version of Success so you can feel the satisfaction and pleasure of the money you earn (and not end up miserable in someone else’s daydream).

Map Out Your Vision in detail for the next 1, 3, and 5 years of life and business so you have specific intentions to work toward.

Set Your 90-Day Goals so you know exactly what steps to take to hit the next milestone and move the needle forward on your epic vision.

Recognize Self-Judgements & Practice Forgiveness so you can release the negative self-talk that’s standing between you and true wealth.

Develop Persistence and Resilience so when the next setback arises (because you know they show up pretty much daily), you’ll know how to work through it without stopping in frustration or losing momentum.

Ready to get your SHIFT together ASAP?



We both knew immediately that this was something beyond special.

Shortly after we met, we went nomadic together, traveled the world, ran our businesses from gorgeous Airbnbs in exotic locations, and pushed each other to evolve as both entrepreneurs and human beings.

We’ve since married! And we continue to see how incredible it is to have the support of someone who “gets it” - how much it’s impacted our work as entrepreneurs and leaders. 

We also know that not everyone has someone in their life who really “gets it”. We know that there are a lot of lonely people out there, building empires behind their laptops - essentially alone.

So we came together to create a program that would help entrepreneurs experience the same SHIFT in business and life that we have. 

It ecompasses all of the passion, joy, wisdom, and personal development that we’ve experienced, both individually, and united.  

There’s one key difference between the entrepreneurs who are millionaires and those who aren’t...and it’s not found inside a funnel, it’s found inside their minds.


So you can let go of self-limitations, ask for and receive more money, confidently market your offers, and scale your business from a place of powerful leadership.

Your online presence might be completely polished and pro, and from the outside it looks like you’re living the dream…  

But we know (as mentors to thousands of entrepreneurs) that behind-the-scenes it’s probably not all rainbows and butterflies over there.

The truth is...

Every single entrepreneur we work with is riding the same emotional rollercoaster as you, having the same wild thoughts, and wondering things like...

And honestly - the money you make, the freedom you gain, the lifestyle you have (yes, even your infinity pool) will never fully satisfy you if you’re not aligned, activated, and attuned to know who you are BEING and BECOMING in the process.


Complete your Daily Shift Exercise (this is like candy for the mind & soul)

Watch Your Mindset Upgrade Training Video with Libby & Scott



SHIFT 365 is like your First Aid Kit meshed with your Superhuman Elixir to not just make it through the next year of business, but to actually thrive, kickass, and make more money, along the way.

Words from SHIFTERS

Take a look inside the year-long journey that’s going to change your life and business forever…



This phase is all about uprooting your deepest limitations around money, catching old patterns that aren’t serving you, and reshaping behaviors that have held you back from a thriving relationship with your finances.

You’ll learn to:

Cultivate Awareness and Rewire Family Lineage Money Stories (childhood money drama - don’t worry, we all have it) so you can develop new beliefs around money that help you add more zeros to your income and always feel good about how it’s coming in and where it’s going.

Create Your Abundance Tribe and Environment
so you’re surrounded by people who support positive money beliefs, stretch you toward your next level, and help you step into your best version of YOU.

Trust Yourself to Invest
(in yourself and support) so can confidently spend money where it matters - on your personal development, expanding your team, and scaling your business.

Develop a Bulletproof Money Mindset
so when cash flow is short, emergencies pop up, or SHIFT otherwise hits the fan ;) - you know how to keep it positive, focus on problem-solving, and be the level-headed leader of your biz.



In this phase you’ll learn to build unwavering belief in your offers, refine how you genuinely speak about them, and confidently deliver incredible value to your ideal clients.

You’ll learn to:

Embody New Leadership Identities so you can show up as a true authority, lead with integrity, and put aside ego for the good of your cause.

Access Your Innate Magnetism
so the right people are attracted to your message, you build a loyal following of clients and customers, and meaningful opportunities come your way, consistently.

Master Polarization
so you can express your ideas and stay true to your values without completely alienating or turning off your audience.

Be a Scientist in Your Business
so you can objectively observe how different strategies work for your business, rather than getting emotionally tied up in specific results.



This phase is all about mastering the inner game of selling so you can make offers with confidence and get to yes more frequently, without basing your self-worth on the outcome.

You’ll learn to:

Create Clear Offers that get your clients real results and get you known for the value of your methods and expertise.

Express Your True Value
so you can bring more ease into sales conversations and guide more prospects to saying YES, without feeling forceful or pushy.

Enhance Emotional and Social Intelligence
so you can access empathy, put yourself in the shoes of your prospects (or anyone you’re communicating with), and create connection that automatically leads to more sales.

Access Grit and Activate Your Self-Worth
so that even when you’re faced with “rejection”, you stay in your power, understand your value, and move forward with your confidence intact.

Practice the Energetics and Art of Receiving
so you’re open to accepting the revenue and opportunities that are available for you, instead of sabotaging or repelling prosperity.



In this phase you’ll develop new habits, beliefs, and behaviors to fully embody your expertise, set (and keep) boundaries, and step fully into leadership with your clients.

You’ll learn to:

Move Past Perfectionism so you can show up and facilitate the transformation your clients need, without worrying about flawless video production or the fonts on your PDF worksheets.

Trust in Your Enoughness
so you can confidently share your knowledge and skills through your offers, instead of delaying out of fear that you’re not “good enough”.

Stop “Proving”
or trying to convince your clients that you’re the expert, so you can focus on getting them to their next breakthrough.

Let Go of Micro-Managing and Rescuing
so you and your clients can feel a sense of trust, and they can develop self-reliance and confidence to continue on the path once your work together is complete.



You don’t build a 7-figure business by doing everything on your own. This phase is all about adopting the mindset necessary to release control when needed and allow others to step in to support your greater vision.

You’ll learn to:

Friend and Release Elements of Ego so you can bring on a team and successfully scale your business without feeling threatened or apprehensive.

Demystify the Power of Your Significance
so you can relinquish some control, delegate to people who do things as (or more) efficiently than you, and focus on being the CEO or creator of your empire.

Uncover and Rewire Fear of Trusting Others
so you can welcome new team members, feel ease and relief with the help you receive, and create an atmosphere that makes people excited to work for you.

Develop the Superpower of Clear Communication
so the team is never blindsided or kept in the dark, you’re seen as a thoughtful leader, and operations run smoothly and without confusion.




Every element we teach through our processes, methods, training, and workshops in SHIFT 365 moves you closer to self-belief and self-trust…

… so you can BE who you need to be to:  

show up as a leader who is constantly expanding and reaching your big money goals.

recognize how you might be holding back your business growth so you can confidently hire and delegate to your next rockstar team member(s).

wake up to the sound of crashing waves each morning from the master bedroom of your dream beach house.

have the funds and time to fly business class to Bali on a random Tuesday afternoon (because the freedom to travel wherever, whenever sounds like such a luxury).

… AND finally feel like the years of your life you’ve spent hunched over a computer, saying no to friends and family, and focusing on the the next offer, client, or sale…  

… have led you to something meaningful.

A place where you get to provide for the ones you love, do work that helps the world, AND feel soul-shaking pleasure in between all the calls, meetings, and creating that go into running your empire.

PS: If you don't know us… we're Scott and Libby! :) 

SHIFT 365 co-founders, soulmate husband/wifie, and your mentors for this year of mega mindset mojo.



I'm a serial Entrepreneur, have grown 7 of my own 7+ figure businesses, and am on my way to my first 8-figure business, helping Entrepreneurs use my two business growth methods - The ROI Method and The ALPS Method. 

I've been featured in nearly every publication in the English speaking world, have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for businesses, and have helped over 100 Entrepreneurs scale their businesses past the multi-million dollar range. 

My Entrepreneurial career (which started at age 7, selling eggs from my parents’ land in Canada) has included work in supplement companies, online technology, agencies, selling information, and now high-end mentoring of other Entrepreneurs.


Earning credentials like these doesn’t come without major highs & lows…  

I made my first million by age 17.

But I was nearly $1,000,000 in debt by age 21.

My parents re-mortgaged their house (putting doubts on their retirement), I worked 18 hour days for years, just to avoid bankruptcy - and no one knew. 

The outside world thought I was a total success, but my reality felt like unimaginable, crushing failure. It left me with extensive emotional trauma that I spent a decade trying to numb.

With a lot of hustle, I made that money back (plus a lot more). 

But no matter how much money I made, I was still unhappy - with my life and with myself.

It wasn’t until I met Libby that I started to see that my business wasn’t supposed to be my source of fulfillment. It was meant to be a tool that allowed me to create a meaningful life.

All of this experience has given me so much insight into the role mindset plays in business. I’m sharing what I’ve learned throughout all of this, so you can benefit from these lessons, too.

A true creative, I’ve started handfuls of businesses over the years. Currently, my company helps coaches and consultants grow and scale their businesses to multiple 6-figures through our Marketing Mentorship Programs. (And every now and again we do this via beautiful retreats somewhere stunning around the world).

The community and movement I head, Behind the Dream, uncovers the facade of how “easy” it looks to create a successful business and gives you a peek behind the curtain of what it really takes to play the game and win.

Before I found the grand, expansive world of entrepreneurship, I was a 1st and 2nd grade teacher. 


It was an “interesting” time for me when it came to my lifestyle and the version of “Libby” I was then. I was trying to pay rent, make student loan payments, and hit up happy hour tacos on occasion - on just $30K a year. 

During my elementary teaching grind, I was met with both the most challenging experience and the greatest gift in my life when my father passed away. 

The experience of my Dad’s death opened me up to a new path of personal growth. That’s when I discovered entrepreneurship and dove into the deep end of this world. 

I didn’t hold back on investing time, energy, and money in learning all about what it took to make this online business thing work - because I had the potency of perspective to really LIVE and do everything full out. 

I made it my mission to learn processes and tools to be with myself and come back to center so that when things got hard, I’d know what to do. So that giving up would never be an option.

Growing a business is the biggest personal development seminar their is, as you know. It’s the biggest mirror. It’s the wildest ride. And it’s SO worth it because it allows you to become more and more faithful to your own soul, while serving the world. 

While I’m known for being a high-vibe human sparkler, it’s taken a lot of deep, intentional self-discovery to keep my mindset on point over the years.

It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it.

Co-Founding The Daily Shift with my handsome, sexy husband, Scott, has been a dream. Our experiences are laced with the depths and heights of what it really takes to become abundant, both visibly (externally) and invisibly (internally).

It’s my absolute highest excitement to share what I (and we) have learned along the years to create a more efficient bridge for you to cross in your own journey of entrepreneurship. 

SHIFT 365 started with a love story… 

Nine months before SHIFT 365 was launched into the world, we went on the first date that changed everything.

Look, you might already have…

Your morning biohacking routine on lock, your offers dialed in, and your brand completely on point…

You could be making $100k/month and beyond, have a team of 20, speak around the world, have 3 best selling books, and plenty of extra cash to give back…

You could be committed to your growth with daily journaling, working with a therapist or your local spiritual guru weekly, and be feeling on fire with your awareness…

But there is something more specialized about creating a Million Dollar Mindset than simply “working on yourself”...


The mindset work necessary for entrepreneurs is not like any other personal development out there. 

You’re invited to join us...

... in saying YES to new levels of leadership, income, and fulfillment in your business.

Let’s develop the most epic version of YOU underneath your Entrepreneur superhero cape.


Words from SHIFTERS

We want you to know:

We’ve both had moments where we played small, we thought we “knew it all”, we kept doing the same thing - expecting different results.

Yet we’ve seen that every single time we stepped up our inner worlds, invested in ourselves, and faced our stories/judgements/old patterns/limiting beliefs/you name it…

… we broke through new levels of abundance and success.

SHIFT 365 is the catalyst for your own breakthrough.

We’re looking forward to supporting you and being in your corner in every way for the next year. 

Libby & Scott



The A’s to your Q’s

I’m IN! What happens when I sign up?

You’ll receive a schnazzzy welcome email from us and you’ll start receiving your Daily Shift emails (and Millionaire Mindset Upgrades) the following morning. You’ll get these daily emails from us for 365 consecutive days - yes, 1 entire year with us!

How much time will these exercises take me each day?

We know you have a colorful schedule and we value efficiency, so we’ve made the daily content short and easy to consume. Expect to spend around 10-15 minutes a day. But also understand that the more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of the program and the deeper your results with be ( ← duh, right?)

What “level” of entrepreneur is this program really designed for? Am I too “beginner” or too “advanced” to benefit from this?

This program is for ALL entrepreneurs, whether you’re already living the millionaire, infinity pool lifestyle - or hustling for your first few clients. These daily shifts are going to help you step up - both your income and your inner game - no matter where you’re starting from. A year from now, you won’t recognize yourself, truly.

Meet Elisa, SHIFT 365 member

Meet Chris, SHIFT 365 member

Meet Rizwan, SHIFT 365 member

You get all the tools you need to create your Million Dollar Mindset in the next year.

Your Daily SHIFT 365 Journey is Delivered via:

Daily Mindset Processes

Master your mindset across the 6 phases (or pillars) of business. 

Grab a journal (or open up a Google doc) and get ready to SHIFT the way you think about yourself and the way you operate your business.

Daily videos or audios (from wherever we are in the world) 

Each one is focused on a topic in one of the 6 Phases above and guides you through a self-study process so you can create transformation in less than 10 minutes each day.